Contract conditions


Membership is personal and non-transferable. Individuals under 18 years old can join with guardian consent. Joining as a member requires the payment of a monthly fee to Ptvgym. The minimum membership period is two months. For 1-month pass and 10-time passes, the fee is a one-time payment.

Membership includes unlimited 24/7 access to the gym.

Members must notify Ptvgym of any changes to their name, address, phone number, email address, or account number.

Ptvgym is not responsible for personal injuries, property damage, or lost belongings. Members are responsible for their own insurance.


Membership is a contract of indefinite duration, 10-time passes are valid for 3 months, and 1-month passes expire automatically at the end of the specified period.

Membership can only be terminated by resignation, which is done by filling out a resignation form found on the website, at the bottom of your gym's page, under contact information. You can also resign at the staff's desk during staff hours (weekdays from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM).

Resignation takes effect after the current billing period.


Members are responsible for ensuring that the membership fee is paid by the due date. For minors, the guardian is responsible for the payment of the membership fee. Payments must be made according to the current price list as agreed in the membership contract.

Ptvgym has the right to transfer unpaid membership fees to a collection agency, and Ptvgym may also charge the member for costs incurred from the collection process. If a member receives a reminder or collection letter from the collection agency, they must follow the payment instructions provided by the agency.

Ptvgym may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate a member's membership due to non-payment of membership fees, violation of the membership terms and conditions, safety and order regulations, or inappropriate behavior.

Failure to pay the invoice will result in access rights being revoked, but the membership and billing will remain active. Termination of membership and billing can only be done by resigning through the form on the website or at the gym's front desk during staff hours (weekdays from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM).


The access tag is personal. The access tag must always be carried when entering the gym and must not be used to let others into the gym. Loss of the access key must be immediately reported to

If the access tag is used by someone else or otherwise misused, and its loss has not been reported in writing, a written warning will be issued, and the member will be charged a contractual penalty of 100 EUR per visit. This may also lead to the termination of the contract.

Ptvgym reserves the right to change prices and to unilaterally amend these general terms and conditions. The current prices and terms can be found on the Ptvgym website. If Ptvgym is forced to close the entire gym or part of it due to maintenance work, unprofitable business, bankruptcy, or government-imposed restrictions, Ptvgym is not obliged to compensate the customer for any prepaid services/products.

By joining the gym as a customer, you accept these terms and conditions.